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Biostatistics is a discipline that develops, blends and applies the statistical methodology into biological and health sciences, and further biomedical research in order to analyze health related problems. Our department focuses on the application of biostatistics into pre-clinical, clinical and public health disciplines as well as the rapidly developing research in genomics. We offer support to scientists and clinicians in designing, conducting, analyzing and interpreting the data collected from laboratory, epidemiological, clinical and genomic studies.

The field is also essential for medical education, in terms of catching up with the international standards. As developments in new techniques parallel to advances in computer sciences, the need for basic understanding of biostatistics concepts and methods became essential for physicians. In order to increase the quality of education in medical faculties and fulfill the needs of the current health care service standards, students should get biostatistics training during their education. The department provides both theoretical and practical training to the faculty of medicine students during their pre-clinical medical education and offers support throughout their clinical training.

The department also supports any biological and health related research initiative in the whole university. Furthermore, undergraduate and graduate level biostatistics courses are provided to the faculties and institutes such as Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Health Sciences and Graduate School of Health Sciences.