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Anatomy is the part of biological science that deals primarily with structure, function and position of the body. Anatomic knowledge is the base for the medical education. The candidate doctors must learn the normal anatomical structures. Because normal anatomical structure is closely associated with pathological structure. Our aims are train doctors or specialist of anatomy who know the development and the macroscopical structure of the human body, the relations and the functions of the organs, the dissection techniques, the principles of anatomical systems and explain the anatomical reason of the clinical problems, and be conscious that the anatomy is a developing branch and aims to improve his/herself and his/her knowledge.

Anatomy is divided into two main part; macroscopic and microscopic anatomy. The macroscobic anatomy contains, Surface anatomy, Regional anatomy, Systematic anatomy, Comperative anatomy. Near East University Department of Anatomy uses systematic anatomy for anatomic education. In these technique, anatomic structures, function and vessels of related system are examined. Besides the Faculty of Medicine, our department offers undergraduate and graduate anatomy courses in Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Health Services Vocational School. In graduate training program of Anatomy; during classical macroscopic anatomy training, neuroanatomy, clinical anatomy, crosssectional anatomy educations, functional anatomy are emphasized. In addition to theoretical lectures, practice with formalin-fixed cadavers are provided for the students. Anatomy graduate program instruction is carried out in Turkish and English group. We aimed that our anatomical lectures are essential for the their clinical science education.