Prof. Nedim Sezgin İLGİ, PhD

Also available in: Türkçe, العربية

Was born in Ankara in 1948.He graduated from the Faculty of Dentistryat Hacettepe University in 1971 and in the same year, started assistantship the Department of Anatomy,Faculty of Medicineat Hacettepe University. Received PhD degree in 1974, became Associate Professor in 1979, and full professor in 1988.

1988 – 1997 Phase II coordinator of Faculty of Medicine,

1994 – 1997 member of Faculty Committee, andFaculty Executive Committee

1996 – 2009 Chief editor of Hacettepe Bulletin and chairman of the editorial board.

1997 – 2001, President Advisor for the physical and technological renovation of the student affairs office, data processing office, library and documentation Office.

1997 – 2003 Director of Institute of Health Sciences, member of University Senate and member of University Executive Committee.

1999 – 2001 HU Chairman of the appointment commission for Associate Professorship and Professorship, 1999 – 2003, Vice Chairman of Scientific Research Unit of Hacettepe University
1997 – 2009 member of the University Education Commission, Many of anatomy textbooks and atlases authored chapter, the editor of several books and Anatomy Atlases’ Since 2009 Chairman of Department of Anatomy Faculty of Medicine,Near East University.

2009-2014, Coordinator of Phase III and Phase IVFaculty of Medicine, Member of University Ethics Commission and member of Senate,andmember of Faculty Executive Committee of the Near East University.

Since 2014, Coordinator of Phase II and Head coordinator Faculty of Medicine.

Member of Regulations for Appointment and Rising as an Academic Memberof the Near East University.