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Finn Rasmussen was born in Denmark in the town of Nyborg. He graduated from medical school at University at Southern Denmark. After graduating as doctor he continued his carrier at University hospitals in Denmark to be educated as a top level clinician and was before conning to Cyprus he was of head of the interstitial lung and Lung transplant Unit at the Department of Respiratory Diseases at University of Southern Denmark. During his carrier he has focus on the importance of research to benefit patient’s management, care and treatment as well as disease prevention and he went to the best Respiratory Research institution in the world at McMaster University at St. Joseph Hospital in the Firestone institute of Respiratory health in Canada. He has worked in several countries but before coming to Cyprus but just before he was Head of Respiratory Research at University of Southern Denmark. In 2000 the defended his PhD Thesis with the title: Asthma, bronchial hyper reactivity, IgE, sensitization and eosinophil activity in a cohort of young adults-prevalence and risk assessment and in 2010 the DMSc-Thesis with the title: Asymptomatic airway hyper responsiveness, cardio-respiratory fitness, hospitalization and airway remodeling – population based longitudinal studies from childhood to young adulthood.

He has published and presented his research in several important top level journals and important international congresses. In addition to his clinical activities, he is still active in research and has worldwide international collaborations.