Prof. Fatma Suna KIRAÇ, MD

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Graduated from Ege University Medical School in 1985 at the first rank. She worked as a general practitioner at Bolu State Hospital Emergency Unit for 2 years. She is an internal medicine (1992- AnadoluUn) and nuclear medicine (1995-Ege) specialist. She trained innuclear cardiology subspeciality in Yale University, USA(1998). She founded PamukkaleUnDept of Nuclear Medicine; andreceived professorship title in 2004. She studied on cardiac PET/CT at the PET Center in TurkuUniversity in Finland (2011) and cardiac CT imaging in Budapest (2013).

She has beenworkingintheNear East UniversityMedicalFaculty, Dept. of NuclearMedicine since 2014. She is particularly interested in nuclear cardiology, radiation safety and publication ethics. There are manypublished national and international original academic articles, book and book’s chapter which she edited.She translated and adapted the Committee on PublicationEthics (COPE) flowchartsto Turkish (2017). Still, sheis the chief of the Department of Nuclear Medicine and Medical Sciences ofNEU, Faculty of Medicine ,and of TSNM’s Radiation Safety and Quality Control Working Group.

Also, she is a master degree sudent in the health law program in Dokuz Eylül Un, SocialScienceInst.Shereceived2011 year mension award from The Turkish Academy of Sciences to the book titled with “Evidence-Based Laboratory Medicine: Principles, Practice, and OutcomesEd: C.P. Prince, R.H. Christenson, 2nd ed. TranslationtoTurkish“. She is a member of TSNM, EANM, ASNC, ESC, TSC and TSIM.She has served as president and speaker at national and international congresses. There are academic journal editorial counseling and refereeing duties.