Assoc. Prof. Umut FAHRİOĞLU, PhD

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He was born in Lefkoşa on 29 April 1978. He graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison with honors with a degree in Genetics. He completed his PhD in Molecular Biology, Genetics and Developmental Biology at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in 2004. He went on to receive an additional master’s degree in Genetic Counselling from the University of Manchester in 2006. After completing his education, he worked at St. Mary’s Hospital, St. George’s Hospital and in various cancer charities in England. He became a faculty member at Near East University in 2008 and joined the Faculty of Medicine in 2010. He received his Assit. Prof. title in 2011 from the Near East University Faculty of Medicine. He is one of the first two Genetics Counselors in North Cyprus. He has many publications in different fields of genetics including cancer genetics and developmental biology.


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