Assoc. Prof. Özen AŞUT, MD

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Assoc. Prof. Özen Aşut, MD has graduated from the İzmir American Collegiate Institute and Istanbul University Istanbul Medical School. She completed the residency of internal medicine during 1970-74 in Hacettepe University Medical School (HUMS) Internal Medicine Department, receiving the title of internal medicine specialist and in 1979, the title of public health specialist from the HUMS Community Medicine Department. She worked in the HUMS Etimesgut and Çubuk Community Medicine Training and Research Regions, participating in the field education programs for medical students and residents during 1975-79.

She became associate professor of public health in 1990. She has been working specifically on tobacco control, chronic diseases and aging issues and health. After 1995, she worked on tobacco control and tobacco dependency treatment and also education and training of general practitioners. She participated as educator in many courses and other educational programs for doctors. She also attended many national and international meetings on different aspects of tobacco issue.

She worked as advisor and consultant of the WHO during 2001-2002. The report of their working group titled “External Evaluation of the European Health Care Reforms- Report of an Independent External Evaluation of Health Care Reform Program” was presented to the WHO Regional Committee for Europe Meeting (Copenhagen, 16-17 September 2002) .

She worked in a number of projects during 2006-2014. She was project expert in the project titled “Operational Research on Key STDs and HIV in Turkey –ORKSH”(2006-7). During 2008-2014, she worked as coordinator and consultant in 5 projects on tobacco control.

Her published work includes the books “Physician and Smoking“and “30 Years in Health“, also a number of book sections on tobacco issue and medical education.

She has been working at the Public Health Department of NEU Faculty of Medicine since April 2015, working full-time since April 1, 2016.