Assoc. Prof. Ferhat HARMAN, MD

Also available in: Türkçe

In 1973 Dr Ferhat HARMAN was born in Aydin. His primary and secondary school education took place in Isparta’ whilst he finished High School in Aydin. In 1998 Dr Ferhat Harman graduated with a Doctor of Medicine Faculty of Medicine, at the Gulhane Military Medical Academy. Dr Ferhat Harman accompanied the MUS-Malazgirt District of General Practitioners between 1999-2001. After he served as a physician at medical school, in 2001 he started specializing in neurosurgery. In 2006 he completed his residency. Between 2006-2008 in Kyrenia and 2008-2009 in Diyarbakir, Dr Ferhat Harman served as a Specialist Physician. As of 2010-2011 he joined the Near East University work force and became an assistant professor within the neurosurgery department, and still continues with the same role today. Dr Ferhat Harman is married and is fluent in English.