Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kumrulu

Name: Ahmet KUMRULU
Date of Birth: 11. 01. 1966
Place of Birth: İzmir, Güzelbahçe
Department: Public Administration
Marital Status: Married, father of 2 daughters


  • İzmir Karataş High School General High School 1983
  • Dokuz Eylül University, 1987 Bachelor of Public Administration
  • Dokuz Eylül University 1992 Master of Public Administration
  • Master of Public Administration (MPA), University of Texas at Arlington 1996
  • Dokuz Eylül University 1993 Doctorate of Public Administration
  • Ph.D. Urban and Public Administration, University of Texas at Arlington 1998


  • Near East University, Faculty of Law.
  • Deputy Head of Department, Public Administration Department, Pamukkale University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, February 2005
  • Head of Department, Adnan Menderes University, Nazilli Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Public Management, Urbanization and Environmental Problems in the United States, 1998-2003.
  • Temporary Member of the Board of Directors, Adnan Menderes University, Basic and Applied Sciences Research Center and the Central Laboratory, 2002-2003.


  • Academy of Political Science (APS) Student Member, 1997-1998.
  • Solid Waste Association of North America (Swan), Student Member, 1997-1998.
  • American Society of Public Administration (ASPA), Student Member, 1996-1998.
  • Member of the Turkish National Committee on Coastal Areas, March 2004 – present