International Law LLB (Education Language is English)

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International Law LLB (Education Language is English)

We are appreciated that you are considering applying for Law at Near East University!

The Law courses at NEU are planned to enable our students to succeed in their academic and personal potential in accordance with the requirements of future world order.

Inside the Law School of NEU, our students are encouraged to develop strong analytical, critical thinking, evaluation and communication skills, and a capacity for independent learning.

Near East students are not just taught what the law is, but are asked to consider what it should be and why the law says what it does. In order to achieve this, students need the relationship between law and economics, history, philosophy, politics and sociology, anthropology, psychology etc.

Thanks to 15 faculties including 90 departments and 4 postgraduate institutes within the Near East University, students of the Law School have the opportunity to study these courses in addition to fundamental law courses.

Upon consideration of our course syllabus, you will see that out of 25 law courses, 9 core subjects are based on UK Law, whilst the remaining compulsory courses are European Union and International Law based. Successful students also have the opportunity to take courses from the Master of Laws programme in their final year of study.

As to elective courses which are formed of politics and economics, they will provide advantage to our future lawyers in the competitive world.

Students who study law at NEU end up doing a wide variety of jobs, aside from being a practicing lawyer or a teacher or researcher of law. The study of Law enables students also to acquire and develop skills and knowledge which will be of applicability to business, politics, the civil service, charitable organisations, international & non-governmental organisations, banking, finance, journalism and much, much more.

Asst.Prof. Resat Volkan Gunel (PhD)
Near East University
Head of the LLB&LLM International Law Dept.
Guest Lecturer at IIASL-Leiden University
Member of Istanbul Bar