Prof. Dr. Rona AYBAY

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Followed by his doctorate programme in the same faculty right after his graduate programme in 1959, Aybay, has received his post graduate degree for Comparative Law in Colombia University in 1964. He received his title of associate professor in 1973, and the title of Professor in 1980.

Responsible as the head of Public Administration Department in METU, Dean of METU Faculty of Administrative Sciences and vice dean Faculty of Political Sciences (SBF) of University of Ankara, Rona Aybay was suspended from the university based on 1402 numbered article of law after the 12th September 1980 Turkish coup d’état and was returned by the decision of the Council of State after 7 years.

As a member of AGİT which analyses the European Council of Combating Racism and Intolerance and violations of human rights in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Aybay, was appointed as an international judge in the Bosnia-Herzegovina Human Rights Court by the European Council since 1996, the year it was founded until it was closed down in 2003. Aybay was elected into the group of 11 people called “Committee of Wise People” aimed to improve the effectiveness of the European Court of Human Rights by the committee of ministers of the Council of Europe.

In 2006-2011 he served as Head of Centre of Human Rights at Union of Turkish Bar Associations.

Prof. Dr. Rona Aybay published books are as follow:

  • Facism (in collaboration with Murat Sarıca, 1962)
  • Comparative 1961 Constitution (1963)
  • Robert Owen (1970, 2005 and 2012)
  • Law of Citizenship (Nationality) (1982, the last print was in collaboratin with Nimet Özbek, 2015)
  • Conflicting Laws on an International Level ((in collaboration with Esra Dardağan) (Conflict of Laws),2005)
  • Foreigners Law (2005, new print 2007)
  • International Jurisdiction (2013)
  • An Introduction to Law (last print 2014)
  • Consulate In Terms of History and Law (2009)
  • Law of Human Rights (2nd edition 2015)
  • UDHR and Turkey, 1945-48 (2016).