Prof. Dr. Asuman TURANBOY

Also available in: Türkçe, العربية

I graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law in 1982. In the same year, I started my master program in Private Law (Civil Law) at Ankara University. I completed this program in 1985. From 1982 until 1986 I worked as an auditor in the Court of Accounts (Sayıştay). I registered to the Private Law doctorate program in the same department in 1986 and started to work as a research assistant at the Faculty of Law, Department of Commercial Law at Ankara University.

In 1991, I received the title of doctor with my thesis on insider transactions and the title of associate professor with my book named “Varakasız Kıymetli Evrak” in 1997. Finally, in 2002, I received the title of Professor when I published my book named “HalkaAçık Banka ve Hissedarının Korunması”. This study is related with protection of public bank and its shareholders. Since 1985 I have been working in Ankara University Faculty of Law, Commercial Law Department. I am currently running the presidency of this department. I worked at the Senate of Ankara University between 2011-2017. My publications particularly related with banking law, negotiable instruments law and capital market law.

I speak Turkish and German.