Assist. Prof. Dr. Merve ACUN MEKENGEÇ

Also available in: Türkçe, العربية

Merve Acun Mekengeç was born in Istanbul in 15.10.1985. After graduation high school in Istanbul, she started to study law in Marmara University Faculty of Law in 2003. Then, she graduated in 2007 and she started her working life as a lawyer in 2008. She gained her Master of Science degree at Marmara University Institute of Social Sciences and Department of Private Law, in 2011. During her master program (2010), she started working as a research assistant at Kocaeli University Faculty of Law in Departmant of International Private Law.  In 2011, she started her PhD at Kocaeli University Institute of Social Sciences, Departmant of Private Law. After finishing her study in Kocaeli University (2015), she started working as a assistant professor at Near East University Faculty of Law in 2016.

Her publication are as follows:


  • Leasing Contracts in International Private Law
  • The Applicable Law and the Competent Court of the Rights in Rem Conflicts


  • Competent Court in Leasing Agreements which has Foreign Contribution,
  • Naturalisation of Meskhetian Turks to Turkish Citizenship and Their Right to Work,
  • Within the Scope of the Law Application of Renvoi Principle About 5718 Numbered International Private Law
  • Acquisition of Immovable Property and Limited Right in Rem of Foreign Real People in Turkey
  • Recognition and Enforcement of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Court Verdict in Republic of Turkey
  • Obligation of Posting a Guarantee in Turkish Law”  (to be published)


  • Legal Status and Right to Work of People in Turkey who are Coming from Syria with Mass Influx.