She was born in Kumsal, Nicosia on 7th of July 1981. Due to her father’s teaching profession she lived in so many areas on the island. Studying in three different elementary schools in three different regions, she finally graduated in Nicosia from Şht. Yalcin Elementary School. She also completed her middle and high school education in Nicosia. She enrolled to Near East University, Faculty of Architecture in 1998 and in 2003 she graduated from the Faculty as the winner. Same year, she started working as research assistant in Near East University Faculty of Architecture where she loved as an undergraduate. When she graduated in 2003, she not only started working as a Research Assistant but enrolled to the graduate school at the University of the Near East. Nowadays she continues to work on her thesis.

During graduate studies, she has done some significant research. Specifically, “the Selimiye Square today from the Byzantine era” and “European Union Building (Strasbourg)”.

In connection with her thesis work, she is doing research on “Alternative Energy Resources” and “Ecological Architecture” which are shown as alternate energy sources to the fossil fuels which are on the brink to extinction today. She still has more work in this area and continues to deal with these issues.

Working as a teacher in Near East University, Faculty of Architecture, Architecture and Interior Design departments of theoretical and design lessons. She has been actively on duty during many exhibitions, seminars and conferences.

Currently, she is still working in the Near East University, is married and mother of one child.