Prof. Dr. Mehmet ÇAKICI

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He was born in Nicosia/Cyprus in 1966. He graduated from Atatürk Elementary School, Bayraktar Secondary School and Nicosia Turkish High School. He started medical school at Marmara University in 1985.He made his internships on Psychiatry at St. Thomas and Guys Hospital, Southwestern Hospital, Brook General Hospital in 1991 and at Charing Cross Hospital in 1992. He studied as a psychiatry resident at Bakırköy State Hospital for Psychiatric and Neurological Diseases in Istanbul in 1994-1998.

He was given 33. National Psychiatry Congress best research award and Bakırköy State Hospital for Mental and Neurological Diseases 70th Year Special Award for his study named ‘The Relation between MRI and SPECT Findings among Schizophrenic Patients’ in 1997. He made PhD on Forensic Medicine at the Institute of Forensic Sciences of Marmara University in 1996-2000. He worked at the ‘Dependency and Youth Commission’ of İstanbul Province National Education Directorate which made studies for prevention of drug use among high school students in İstanbul in 1997-1998. He was one of the writers of the books ‘Life Skills Guide’ and ‘Substance Dependency among Youth’ which were the books of the training program against substance use.

He returned back to Cyprus in 1998 and started to work as head of Near East University Psychology Department. During his military service he established the ‘Psychiatric Treatment and Psychological Counseling Center’ in TRNC Military Forces and prepared a program to have these services to be long lived. He was given TRNC Military Forces reward for his important contributions.

He was given the 8. National Social Psychiatry Congress best research award for his study ‘Investigation of psychological and psychopathological symptoms among people who lost their money at the bankrupt banks’. He became associated professor on Psychiatry in 2001. He was given ‘The most successful academician’ award of Near East University for his academic studies in 2001. He had active roles at civil organizations. He was the president of Turkish Cypriot Mental Health Organization and general secretary of Turkish Cypriot Medical Association. As the president of Turkish Cypriot Mental Health Organization he organized many conferences and projects on child abuse prevention, child rights, AIDS, prevention of violence against women and substance use. He was given the award of TOYP for ‘Services given to Humanity and Civil Organizations’ by Young Entrepreneur Association of Turkey in 2002. He established ‘Pink Chateau Substance Dependency Treatment Centre’ which was the first inpatient substance dependency treatment center of TRNC. He established ‘Cyprus Mental Health Institute’ where training programs like family therapy, substance dependency treatment and positive psychotherapy for mental health professionals. He has 9 books and many scientific articles.

He was one of the founders of Peace and Democracy Movement in 2003. He worked as a member of parliament at TRNC parliament from Peace and Democracy Movement in 2003-2005. He was chosen as general secretary of Peace and Democracy Movement in 2004. He became the first president of Social Democracy Party which was formed with union of Peace and Democracy Movement and Communal Liberation Party in 2009.

He is married to Assoc. Prof. Ebru Çakıcı who is also a psychiatrist and he has a son and a daughter.