The Nursing Department of the Health Sciences Faculty of the Near East University was established as follows;

  1. 1973-1990 Under the Ministry of Health after the secondary school, it was a two year of “Giving Birth and Looking After Ill people” school.
  2. 1985-1989 It was a three year “Giving birth and Looking After Ill people” school under the existed law.
  3. 1990 It was renamed as Giving Birth and Nursing school.
  4. And in 1994 it became “High School for Nursing Profession”. It was a two year preparatory education.
    The Health Ministry of The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus continued its High School for Nursing Profession education. Under a protocol being signed in the year 2004 between the Health Ministry and The Near East University, they had benefited from the physical, social and cultural support of The Near East University until they year 2006.
  5. In the academic year 2006-2007, with an additional protocol, students were accepted for the first BA degree with the central exam of YÖDAK.
  6. In the 2007-2008 academic year, The School of Nurses of The Faculty of Health Sciences of the Near East University started its 4 year BA education and the MA education.
    In addition to this, 28 nurses who had graduated from the Preparatory School of the academic year 2007 -2008 had started taking BA courses. At the moment, in the department there are 29 MA students, 12 preparatory, 200 BA students that amounts to 241 students studying in the School For Nurses.
    There are 10 full-time and 4 part-time lecturers who come from the Health Ministry. 1 full-time Professor, as well as 1 Assistant Professor and a Research Assistant. 2 part-time Professors, 2 part-time Assistant Professors, 2 professors from the Health Sciences of The Near East University, 1 Assistant Professor and 6 Lecturers from the Faculty of Education are employed in the School for Nurses.