Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

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The Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation of Faculty of Health Sciences was founded in 2011-2012 academic year. Since then, undergraduate and postgraduate programs are carried out by academic members of Hacettepe University and the Near East University. The main purpose of the program is to promote health and welfare of public, to make the field of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation more active in daily life of public for improving the quality of life; to educate qualified physiotherapists in accordance with specific international standards, to offer education, research and consultancy services at international standards as required by the relevant terms of science and technology. Besides, holding a professional autonomy, the purpose of the program is becoming a department of a prestigious faculty which is nominated as a competitive model by international platform in its field. Major developments were observed in the field of ‘physiotherapy’, which is an academic discipline that must be carried out by skilful experts in implementation of physical methods and characterized by scientific knowledge concerning the movement functions of the body, in the 20th century. The field of physiotherapy is defined as a skill of measuring and evaluating the physical functions of body, increasing of quality of life, physical treatment of body, preventing of movement disorders and the examination of scientific principles related to body functions.

The mission of the department is to train competent and qualified physiotherapists and educators who carry out measuring and evaluation techniques, organize appropriate treatment programs, possess and promote lifelong learning, teaching and communication skills, conduct studies for improving professional autonomy, carry out multidisciplinary studies and research, use the latest developments and technology in the field of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation for the benefit of the society.

The vision of the department is to offer universally qualified education services, to make effective use of one of the internationally accredited field, the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation discipline, and also become an educational institution that reach beyond the contemporary civilization level of TRNC.