Department of Nursing

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The Nursing Department of the Faculty of Health Sciences of Near East University was established after going through a certain number of establishment phases as follows;

  1. From 1973 to1990, under the authority of the Ministry of Health, it was a two-year training based institution called “Obstetrics and Nursing School ” which could be attended after the secondary school.
  2. From 1985 to1989 it was a three-year training based “Obstetrics and Nursing School`”under the existed law.
  3. In 1990 it was renamed as Obstetrics and Nursing School.
  4. In 1994 it became “High School for Nursing Profession”. It offered a two-year preparatory education. The Ministry of Health of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus continued to run this institution as a High School for Nursing Profession under its authority. In accordance with a protocol signed in 2004 between the Ministry of Health and the Near East University, the school was offered the physical, social and cultural support of the Near East University until 2006.
  5. In academic year 2006-2007, with an additional protocol, students were accepted to the school for the first BA degree through the central exam of YÖDAK.
  6. In academic year 2007-2008, the School of Nurses of the Faculty of Health Sciences of Near East University started the 4-year based BA training and the MA program. The graduates of the 2-year based Nursing School were offered the opportunity to transfer to the 4-year based BA program.

There are 10 full-time and 4 part-time lecturers who come from the Ministry of Health, 1 full-time professor, as well as 1 assistant professor and a research assistant, 2 part-time professors, 2 part-time assistant professors, 2 professors from the Faculty of Health Sciences of The Near East University, 1 assistant professor and 6 lecturers from the Faculty of Education are employed in the Nursing School.

The mission of the Nursing Department is carrying out as well as improving the essential services and training of nursing through the use of approaches and methods that are based on innovative and latest technologies in the field, improvement of supervision and leadership roles, management, research, training, care in general and; care, improvement and maintenance of health of families and individuals.

The vision of the Department of Nursing is to become a well-known, premier institution which is acknowledged nationally and internationally with the quality of its educational programs, success of its students, outstanding qualifications of its teaching staff, and research studies.

Teaching language: Turkish
Training period: 4 years

Aims and Objectives
Students are trained in accordance with three fundamental objectives:

  1. To gain scientific understanding and to be able to put their gaining, skills and knowledge into effective practice, and serve successfully in health institutions in Cyprus, Turkey and in the other countries.
  2. To be capable of carrying scientific research and investigation.
  3. To develop self-consciousness and self-confidence to take active participation in contributing to the advances of the department as well as establishing relations with the society to protect the health of people, and answering the needs of the foundations and institutions.

Students are provided with a teaching and training environment within which

  • students’ training take place within humanistic educational methods,
  • sufficient equipment and computers needed for training are provided in accordance with the number of students,
  • number of teaching staff are increased in accordance with the number of students,
  • theory and practice are integrated during educational process with the help of sufficient teaching materials,
  • training and development of teaching staff are supported and promoted,
  • number of periodical publications relevant to nursing are to be increased,
  • research and educational skills are promoted and supported,
  • successful students are awarded and promoted,
  • teaching staff are encouraged and supported for participating in scientific studies in order to improve qualifications of them,
  • collaboration and cooperation with relevant institutions in order to protect and improve the quality of health of society,
  • the needs of the society are investigated and met through appropriate studies,
  • collaboration between the Medicine Faculty, the NEU Hospital and relevant sectors and institutions are increased,
  • projects supported internationally and relevant to health are improved with the help and support that will take place between the institutions.

Strong Sides of Nursing Department

  • Becoming the only educational institution that gives nursing training in TRNC
  • Becoming a department of an internationally recognized university in TRNC
  • Nursing profession is a much preferred job.
  • Being in cooperation with the professional organization of nursing.
  • Being in cooperation and collaboration with the Ministry of Health.
  • The MA program is offered.
  • Training process has been supported by the specialist teaching staff coming from Turkey.
  • Replacement and gradual updating of educational equipment.
  • The modern and fully equipped faculty building.
  • Nurse/patient ratio is very low so that each patient is cared by more than one nurse.
  • Being in collaboration and cooperation with the nursing schools in Turkey.
  • Graduates of the Nursery School can easily find employment both in private and state health institutions.