Job Opportunities

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Managers for health work as managers in public and private hospitals. They can also work as managers at; public, university, and private hospitals and rehabilitation centres, Ministry of Health, Turkish Armed Forces, Turkish Social Security Institution, insurance companies, drug companies, medical companies, international health institutions. Managers at health institutions are responsible of; organising and carrying out various activities, facilitating necessary personnel, tools and equipment for departments, managing the budged, and the determination of patient care fees. Moreover, managers working in the fields of health are also responsible of facilitating the necessary amount of patient beds. Health Managing has recently been accepted as a profession in our country. In this regard, the current health institutions are in high demand to recruit health managers. In order to provide systematic and productive health services, the need for health managing will be constant in the future as well. Thus, the health sector will continue to employ health managers. This is why we can easily say that graduates of this department have a 100% chance of finding job opportunities.