Department of Health Management

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Department of Management of Health Institutions of Faculty of Health Sciences has started its departmental studies in the academic year 2011-2012.

The undergraduate and postgraduate programs of this department are supported by the academic staff of the Hacettepe University and Near East University. The main aim of the department is to facilitate relative education and training for Management of Health Institutions and raise students who; are respectful to human rights; have skills for life-long learning, teaching and communication; become competent health managers and educators; carry out multidisciplinary activities; facilitate education and research at both graduate and postgraduate levels; and provide the findings and outcomes of these research for the benefit of the community.

This academic program aims to provide specialization in the field of management of health institutions, and raise professionals to serve this field. The primary objective of the program is to raise executives, who wish to make a career in health institutions.

Medical and technological developments in the field of health, the increase in number of national and international competitors, and the fact that patient satisfaction has gained great significance have all lead for competition in the field of health sector. In order to compete in this sector, there is a need to follow up developments in the field of administration, besides the need for closely following the developments in the field of medicine. In other words, the quality of management in health institutions is as significant as providing health services of high quality which all together help to compete with the highly competitive sector. With the support of the technology being used, physicians facilitate quality in medical services. On the other hand, quality in management and its relative services are due to the “Managers of Health” in that institution. In this regard, recruiting professional managers of health institutions have become an obligatory act in both public and private health institutions.

Sometimes, it may be difficult to manage big health institutions and provide coordination between its departments. This is why having a qualified health manager that can assist health institutions. As the number of health institutions is increasing in our country, the demand for professional health managers are increasing relatively and it is getting harder to find individuals to meet the need for the number of managers needed.

It must be noted that managers of health institutions are in a different position compared to other managers. This is due to the fact that managers working in the field of health are required to; know sufficient information on health, be familiar with medical tools and equipment, be able to make strategic plans of the health services to be provided by the health institution, and be able to decide on the priorities of an institution to be able to benefit from them highly.

As clearly seen from the above provided information, the demand for departments to raise professional managers of health institutions are increasing. Our department aims to raise individuals who are equipped with the necessary knowledge; on medical information; on services facilitated by health institutions. Individuals who also have necessary knowledge and managing skills to guide the health institution to cope with the competition amongst health institutions, in short raise individuals who are highly competent to facilitate professional managing skills for business administration and management.

Our mission is to raise individuals; who are reformists, creative, participatory, and have critical thinking skills, who have internalized Atatürk’s principles and reforms and are highly qualified “Managers of Health”. We aim to achieve our mission by providing education-training at international standards and through facilitating research opportunities which we then aim to facilitate the research for the benefit and use of the country.

We, as the Department of Management of Health Institutions, aim to be an educational institution which is acknowledged by national and international platforms and which is highly preferred. Furthermore, we aim to be an institution which makes contributions to increase the contemporary civilization level of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus through the education and training we facilitate and through the information we produce with our studies.