Prof. Mustafa Asim ŞAFAK, MD

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Head of Otorhinolaryngology Department

Dr. Şafak was born on 11th of August, 1964 at Ankara. His father was a technician of electricity, and his mather was a housewife. His primary school was Necatibey İlkokulu, and secondary school was Namık Kemal Ortaokulu. He won a scholarship from TUBİTAK during the high school education at Ankara Lisesi. He began the medicine education at Hacettepe University in 1981. He graduated from Hacettepe University School of Medicine as an practitioner in July of 1988. He joined the TUS and begun a post graduate education as a assistant doctor on Ear Nose Throat Diseases at Ministry of Health Ankara Training and Research Hospital in November of 1988. He continued working as an ENT specialist at the same hospital after completed his residency programme in March of 1992. He attended a doctorate programme on Biophysics at Hacettepe University School of Medicine. He was appointed as chief assistant (consultant) in 1992 and, associate professor of ENT in 2003. He was joined a course on Skull Base Surgery at clinics of Prof. Ugo Fish in Switzerland in 2005. He was working as a professor of ENT and a lecturer at ENT Department of Near East University, School of Medicine since 2010.

He used to be served as a membership of administration board of many professional associations and foundations. He had executed the duty of editor, co-editor, coordinator, membership of editorial board, guest editor and referee in 11 national or international scientific periodic journals. He is the chief editor of the NEMJ.

He had served actively as general coordinators, membership of scientific boards, chairman of session, lecturer, or panellist at 41 of scientific meetings. He wrote or translated chapters or sections at 12 scientific medicine books. He had dozens of articles published in internationally or nationally indexed periodic journal, and scientific papers and studies introduced at scientific meetings. His studies were cited 196 times by different publications from whole of the world.