Department of Plastic Arts

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Teaching period: 4 years

Aims and Objectives
The department offering and integrated educational program, aims to train artists whose skills, abilities and theoretical knowledge are highly developed and up-to-date, and who specialize on styles of explicandum such as painting, sculpturing, working on ceramics, stones, glass and figuline, designing ornaments, authentic imprinting, installation and illustration. Our department is one that also aims to train students so that students gain theoretical insights, skills and abilities with which they can comprehend and realize various dimensions of thought reflected by art works and concepts integrated into the art works, and synthesize their experiences to develop their own techniques and methods in their work.

Employment Opportunities
Graduates of this department, as they are entitled “artist-designers”, can run their own job privately or find employment opportunities in private and state sectors. They can be employed as artist-designers, art supervisors, and provided that they obtain a teaching certificate, they can be employed as art teachers.

Departmental Facilities
The department which started accepting students in 2006 comprises 4 workshops (for practicing, design, modelage, and basic art studies) for courses given in the first year. These workshops are fully equipped with all sort of instruments and devices needed for carrying out the courses most effectively.