Department of Graphic Design

Also available in: Türkçe, العربية

Teaching period: 4 years

Aims and Objectives
The program, throughout a 4-year based educational process, aims to train candidates on graphic design discipline as well as developing their sense of creativity, cultural awareness, aesthetic awareness, and sense of understanding of expectations of society in design issues. It is also aimed that students are to be brough in insights about the features of contemporary art so that they can raise awareness in integrating and interpreting the cultural values of their own society through applying the contemporary values of art to achieve to new dimensions in synthesizing the phenomenon of art. Students are trained in the department to be graphic-design artists who can bring their achievements in graphic design issues into life by considering the natural and artificial aspects of objects, as well as bringing in new dimensions and shapes to those objects. Students are expected to force the boundaries of creativity and logic in their studies so that they can highlight how distinguished the norms of their achievements are. Students are given courses to make them specialize on designing logos, posters, billboards, advertisements, books and magazines, typography, computer use, animation, illustration and photography. Students are also given courses on using printing techniques on materials such as wood, lito, and zinc as well as specializing on techniques such as serigraphy to integrate their technical knowledge with creative skills to produce “art works”.

Employment Opportunities
Graduates of this department can find employment opportunities in various sectors such as advertising companies, in advertising units of state and private institutions, and can also be employed by media companies as art supervisors or graphic designers. Moreover, graduates can also take part in companies or in private studios working on illustration, animation, advertisement photography, web design, video-film, cinema, press, and news agencies. They can establish their own business or conduct their business as freelancers, too. Those who obtain a certificate of pedagogy can be employed as art teachers or art supervisors in state or private schools. The employment opportunities for graphic designers cover a wide area in business sectors.

Departmental Facilities
The department which started accepting students in 2006 comprises 4 workshops (for practicing, design, modelage, and basic art studies) for courses given in the first year. These workshops are fully equipped with all sort of instruments and devices needed for carrying out the courses most effectively.