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Vedia Okutan was born in Cyprus in 1980. She graduated from Hacettepe University, Faculty of Fine Arts in 2001. She began working as a research assistant in the same department in 2001 and she got her masters degree in arts in 2004. The artist, who has participated in many national and international mixed exhibitions, has won the Gürdal Özçalık Special Award in the VII. Golden Jug Ceramic Competition organized by the İzmir Rotary Club. Her works have been displayed in special collections of The 6th Cairo International Ceramic Biennale in Egypt in 2002, and World Ceramic Biennales in Korea and Buenos Aires in 2003. In her works, she studied the variety of the skeleton which formed the basis of human being and the bones which formed it; volume characteristics and their qualities which can be transformed into an artistic form, handling their simple and peculiar manners. Thus the natural plasticity of clay, which is convenient for all kinds of experiment, has been effective while editing her works. The harmony of the human skeleton, from the smallest to the largest unit which forms the human body, has been evaluated after researches executed with balance and the rights of science. As a result of this concept, she has opened her first personal exhibition in 2005, named Unidentified Bodies. In October 2008, Shoe Art Istanbul Project had been started, Honourable Mrs. Oya Talat, led by the Turkish Cypriot Women’s Solidarity Council with the theme of “Gender and productivity” the project which she had designed with Özge Mercan Atamer, reveals that as one of five Cypriot artists. because it was found to exhibit values in various city of Turkey after the exibitions in İstanbul. Her articles was published in Decostyle Magazine several times. She also attended an international exibition in Naci Talat Vakfi in Nicosia, in June 2011 which is called “ Collisions 2011”.