Lecturer Hakan DAĞ

Also available in: Türkçe, العربية

Born in 1972. He has been performing both music and graphic design since early 1990’s on. He has graduated from Trakya University Fine Arts / Printmaking. He also graduated from Anadolu University / Department of Philosophy. He worked as “Multimedia and Graphic Designer” at METU Technopark between 2001-2007. He established his own design studio at 2007. Also, he has been the creator and organizer of Ankara Design Week event since 2007. He’s working on international innovative, creative products, services and branding issues. Lately, he shuttles back and forth between TRNC, Istanbul, and Ankara. Nowadays he is the editor of Graphic Design Journal, Project Coordinator of Ankara Design Week and BrandSuiteİstanbul visual brand consultant. Also, he is a member of the Association of Creative Advertising, Founder member of Association of Communication Designers. Dağ has been guest lecturer at NEU Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Graphic Design. Hakan Dağ is married and father of one child.