Objectives for Msc


The aim of the mechanical engineering department is to prepare engineering candidates for various branches of industry with an improved self-confidence and individual initiative. Students are educated to have scientific systematic approach in solving engineering problems, sound engineering base, life-long learning habits and research abilities.

The MSc. Program in Mechanical Engineering aims to train specialized mechanical engineers at master’s level that are capable of understanding the problems stated in different fields of mechanical Engineering and having a background and needed skills to carry out high-quality research with aim of solving these problems.
The MSc. Program in Mechanical Engineering is with Thesis.
According to Academic Regulation for Graduate Studies a master’s program with thesis is comprised of a minimum of seven courses, not being less than 21 local credits, one graduate seminar, seven courses and thesis study. The aim of the master’s program with thesis is to enable students to acquire the ability to conduct scientific research leading to the acquisition, evaluation and interpretation of knowledge.

The programme has been designed to give students both a theoretical and a practical understanding of the advanced issues related to mechanical engineering. The programme is well structured and has been designed with the aim of providing an excellent knowledge in two specialization areas of the mechanical engineering applications, namely thermodynamics and fluid mechanics (thermo-fluid) and material sciences. The programme offers courses in both fields like advanced mathematics, advanced materials, advanced thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid mechanics courses. In both specialization areas there are two compulsary courses, one mathematics and scientific research methods. All students in both specialization areas must take these two courses. The rest of the courses are elective courses and the students can choose these courses according to his/her specialization area under the supervision of his/her supervisor.

The objective of the master program in Mechanical Engineering is to generate second cycle graduates who will be capable of understanding challenging mechanical engineering related projects. The primary educational objective of the Master of Science program is to expose students to the latest developments in mechanical engineering and to provide them with the appropriate tools to understand and contribute further to these developments. The master of Science degree program will provide the necessary education and immediately applicable skills that will enable to give people longer, healtier, and more productive lives.