Message from Head of Department

Mechanical Engineering, one of the classical branches of engineering, has undergone significant changes in recent years to undertake the challenges in the modern world. Our department, as opened its doors in the Fall of 1996 admitting its first class of undergraduate students, is furnished with faculty members that meets the needs of the future mechanical engineers in response to these changes. Mechanical Engineering education covers both the fundamentals and practice; builds essentials for the problem-solving engineer as well as provides strategic methods for the applied scientist. The curriculum we offer includes thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, machine design, and manufacturing methods as essential core courses, and also provides courses from mechanical engineering practice such as refrigeration techniques, priciples of heat exchangers, internal combustion engines and machine tool design. In addition, courses related to recent advances in bio-fuels, renewable and green energy applications are also offered.

Mechanical Engineering is the profession that bridges fundamental sciences to the needs of common society and individuals. As such, an educated engineer knows and understands how to apply the fundamentals, but a mechanical engineer also understands the human needs and the society, and is able to articulate and solve their problems. The first principle in our mechanical engineering program is to educate the candidates by following this philosophical track.

Mechanical Engineering graduates may find employment in various branches of industry, that may include production, maintenance, quality control, design and management, and in companies providing engineering services and consultancy such as in power plant technology, in the field of accessing sources of energy such as petroleum, gas, in solar energy and wind energy, in metal production and forming plants and foundaries and many others.

Mechanical Engineering department also offers MSc and PHD degree programs in addition to BSc degree program. In fact, considering mechanical engineers working at site, MSc degree program in our department provides non-thesis option as well as master program with thesis. All of our academic personel are members of recognized engineering institutions and have long term experience in the fields of Heat Exchanger Design, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Bio-Materials, and in Biofuels. With this elaborately skilled faculty members, our department proceeds with doctorate program and welcomes PHD candidates holding MSc-degree with thesis in mechanical engineering.

Prof. Dr. Yusuf ŞAHİN
Chairman of Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Chronological order of the chairpersons of the Department of Mechanical Engineering:

1996-2003 Prof. Dr. Kaşif ONARAN
2003-2015 Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali EVCİL
2015-2015 Assist. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin ÇAMUR
2015-2016 Prof. Dr. Nuri KAYANSAYAN
2016-2017 Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ahsen SAVAŞ
2017-2018 Prof. Dr. Sümer ŞAHİN
2018- Prof. Dr. Yusuf ŞAHİN