The aim of the mechanical engineering department is to prepare engineering candidates for various branches of industry with an improved self-confidence and individual initiative. Students are educated to have scientific systematic approach in solving engineering problems, sound engineering base, life-long learning habits and research abilities

Our programme has been designed to give students both a theoretical and a practical understanding of the fundamental issues related to mechanical engineering. The programme is well structured and has been designed with the aim of providing an excellent foundation in many areas of the mechanical engineering applications. The programme offers courses in the fields like basic sciences, materials, production, mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics and mechanical design. In addition, the program aims to teach and develop the leadership skills of students so that they can take managerial positions and be leaders in their future careers.

Graduates of the Department of Mechanical Engineering can find employment in industry, in the departments including production, maintenance, quality control, design and management, in companies giving engineering services and mechanical consultancy, in power plants, in the field of accessing sources of energy such as petroleum, gas, sunlight and wind, in metal production plants and foundaries and many others.