Mission and Vision

The Materials Science and Nanotechnology Engineering program offers a strong interdisciplinary foundation to develop academic capacity to address intricate issues and practical problems in the related areas, giving prominence to developments in nanotechnology science and engineering, to meet the goals. The main mission of Materials Science and Nanotechnology Engineering program is to understand, discover, produce, and develop new materials that improve the life quality. Based on the multidisciplinary nature of this department and the help of collaborative endeavor, the mission of this programme are to:

  • Develop an essential understanding of the characteristics of the materials, the related processing and implementations along with a fundamental knowledge on their role in society, with emphasis on the science and engineering principles of nanoscale materials;
  • Build an inspiring research and educational background to train precious students and researchers in materials science and nanotechnology engineering and actuate them towards professionally successful opportunities;
  • Internationally collaborate  with professors and researchers in this field of research and retain the connection with universal network and industries;

The Department of Materials Science and Nanotechnology Engineering will be the target residence for the students and researchers, who are pursuing erudition that improves the science and engineering of nanoscale materials. This department seeks to be among the most globally accepted departments for its great educational and research excellence in materials science and nanotechnology engineering by creating a vibrant environment for innovative research and education and with the help of supportive community of scientists and engineers. The department vision encompasses supporting the members to learn the factors that control the interior configuration of nanoscale materials, and the methods for modifying their structure and properties towards desired applications.