Department of Information Systems Engineering

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Message from the Head of the Department
On behalf of our faculty, staff, and students, I welcome you to the website of the Department of Information Systems Engineering at Near East University. The Department was founded in 2009 and offers Bachelors of Science (BSc) and Masters of Science (MSc) degrees in English and Bachelors of Science (BSc) degree in Turkish.

The aim of the Department is to provide a strong background in the theories and practices of Information Systems Engineering, and to graduate engineers with up-to-date knowledge and information regarding science and engineering.

The Department also aims to prepare specialists and instructors in the field of Information Systems Engineering, to alleviate the demand for well-trained engineers in the industry, business and in institutions of higher education; to carry out research projects; to offer elective computer courses to students of other departments; and to help faculty members in their researches that require the utilization of computers. Students learn to put into practice different systems of processing, and different computer languages; senior year students, on the other hand, specialize in software areas according to their preferences. The structure of the courses provided by the Department include subjects and courses that are currently provided by Universities in Europe and the USA. Students have to complete 40 working-days summer training to qualify for graduation.

The Information Systems Engineering Department is keen on utilizing and providing its students with the latest technical facilities in order to provide each student with robust practical experience in computer related fields. In addition, the Department focuses on scientific research and international publications related to computer based topics.

Prof. Dr. Rafik ALIYEV
Head of the Department of Information Systems Engineering
[email protected]

Chronological order of the chairpersons of the Department of Information Systems Engineering:

2009-2011 Assist. Prof. Dr. Kaan UYAR (Deputy Chairman)
2011-2013 Assist. Prof. Dr. Kaan UYAR
2013-2016 Assist. Prof. Dr. Boran ŞEKEROĞLU
2016- Prof. Dr. Rafik ALIYEV

The mission of the Near East University Information Systems Engineering is to educate engineers that are meets the needs of society within the world standards also pursues scientific cooperation with national and international entities in academia, public and private sectors.

The vision of Department is to be recognized as one of the leading institutions with Information Systems Engineering programs, imparting the highest quality education to students and become a national and international center of research excellence in Information Systems Engineering.

Information on Education
Educational Programs (Undergraduate, Graduate)
Bachelors of Science in Information Systems Engineering (Turkish)
Bachelors of Science in Information Systems Engineering (English)
Master of Science in Information Systems Engineering (English)

Language of Instruction
Undergraduate programs both in Turkish and English languages are in process. The medium of instruction of graduate program is English.

Preparatory Program
Students registering to the undergraduate program in English language are required to enter the English Proficiency Test. Those students who fail to pass this test must follow a one-year English Preparatory Program. International students must submit a certificate of English proficiency at their application.

Job Opportunities
Graduates may find employment in both state and private organizations, educational institutions and self-employment.