About Us

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering was founded by Prof. Dr. Şenol Bektaş, in 1990. The department started off with 25 students. Since the year of foundation, Theory of Circuit, Electronic, Electrical Measurement, Intelligent Circuits, Computer Applications, Physics and Chemistry laboratories have been established one after another and provided the students and lecturers with a fully equipped training environment. Today, the department has reached 499 students. By incorporating high-voltage, electro-mechanics, energy recycling, power electronic, preserving power systems, programmable intelligent controller telecommunication, and communication through satellites, mobile communication, micro-processors, picture formation and intelligent systems laboratory, the department is proud to provide extensive training facilities for the benefit of students.

Chronological order of the chairpersons of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering:

1990-1997 Prof. Dr. Şenol BEKTAŞ
1997-2001 Prof. Dr. Fahreddin SADIKOĞLU
2001-2009 Prof. Dr. Adnan KHASHMAN
2009-2011 Prof. Dr. Şenol BEKTAŞ
2011-2013 Doç. Dr. Özgür Cemal ÖZERDEM
2013-2016 Yrd. Doç. Dr. Ali SERENER
2016- Prof. Dr. Şenol BEKTAŞ

Aims and Goals

  • We aim to provide the following to our students:
  • By providing contemporary education opportunities, we aim to bring up creative individuals who will be active and have a say in all areas of electric and electronic engineering
  • A solid mathematical and scientific background necessary to comprehend the fundamentals of engineering
  • Providing engineering instructions which trigger competition within the market
  • Redounding an effective qualification and knowledge on laboratories
  • Assisting the students to acquire the ability to design
  • Bringing in an ability to communicate effectively and to act with social, ethical, and professional responsibility in fulfilling their commitment inside and outside the professional engineering field.
  • Bringing up individuals with the consciousness of life-long learning
  • Bringing up individuals with the consciousness on the fact that engineering is subsidiary for social life, business world, industry and human beings.
  • Its Strengths
  • Having a dynamic and youthful academic staff
  • The ability to have online access to journals and magazines published worldwide
  • Having superiority over departments of the TRNC universities by comprising academic staff and a comprehensive laboratory system
  • An increase in the number of publications
  • Having the determination and effort in improving the quality and effectiveness of the laboratories
  • Having a flexible management

The mission of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is providing the highest quality of educational environment necessary for engineering under the guidance of an experienced academic staff and through its well-developed infrastructure. By this way, the mission of the department is reaching a successful level in competing in both the fields of engineering and implementing research.

By providing high quality educational opportunities, the vision of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is to be the most prestigious department of engineering so far is existing within the geography it is positioned in by bringing up individuals having the ability to adapt to the changes upcoming throughout the world, achieving international success and thus becoming leading engineers.

Information on Education
Educational Programs (graduate, postgraduate studies)
Undergraduate program of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Master of Science program of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
PhD program of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Language of Instruction
Undergraduate Electrical and Electronic Engineering programs both in Turkish or English language are in progress.

English Preparatory Program
Students registering to the undergraduate program in English language of the department are required to follow a one-year English preparatory program.

Further Information
There is an accredited IEEE student branch which has been performing since 1997.

Job Opportunities
Our graduates have been employed in related jobs in countries all over the world. Our graduates can be employed as power systems engineers, communication systems engineers and control system engineers within industrial areas.