Research Assist. Sevinç GÜLÇİÇEK

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I was born on November 23, 1992 in Nicosia. I completed primary education in Alayköy Primary School in 2003, Secondary Education in 2006 Atleks Sanverler Secondary School and in 2010 Nicosia Turkish High School Science Department. 2015 Near East University, Department of Information Systems Engineering, I have completed my education with the software program ‘Electrical Electronics Company Accounting Program’. From June 2015 to September 2015, I had the opportunity to work in the private sector to have experience in accounting. As of September 2015, I started to graduate education in Near East University, Department of Information Systems Engineering. From October 2015 until February 2016, I worked as a Research Assistant in the Department of Civil Engineering and then as a Research Assistant in the Department of Information Systems Engineering from February 2016. I have merged my life with my husband Vedat Balad on April 2017.

Once you are interested in Image Processing during your undergraduate studies, you will be able to see the cancerous area in the mammography images more clearly using image processing techniques for master’s thesis. The overall aim of this research Mammograms have a low contrast and complex background, making the diagnosis process complicated. All of these highlight the need for image enhancement in digital mammograms. This also helps interpret images by people and computers. Image enhancement is also the first step in Computer Aided Detection / Diagnosis (CIS) systems, which also helps by giving a second idea for radiolarian diagnosis.