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Selin Uzelaltinbulat was born in Adana on 22nd of July 1987. She attended primary and secondary school in Adana Vakıfbank Ilköğretim Okulu and high school in Adana Emine Nabi Menemencioğlu Lisesi.

She graduated from Near East University Department of Computer Information Systems with full scholarship from Higher Education Council (ÖSYM-YÖK) in 2011. Her Master’s Degree again from Near East University at Department of Computer Engineering in 2013. And also she is about the complete PhD Program at Computer Engineering Department of Near East University in 2014.

Selin Uzelaltinbulat worked in the Near East University Innovation and Information Technologies Center dates between 2009-2012. She has been working as an Assistant of Vice Rector at Near East University at President’s Office from 2012 and also already part-time lecturer in the Computer Engineering Department from 2013.