Research Assist. Kübra TUNCAL

Also available in: Türkçe, العربية

I was born on 20th of July 1987 in Malatya. I completed my elementary education at Mustafa Necati Primary School and high school education at Hacı Hüseyin Kölük Anadolu Vocational High in 2006 at the department of Computer Technology and Programming. I started İnönü University Akçadağ Vocational High School at the department of Computer Technology and Programming in 2006. After completing my associate degree, in 2009, I started to undergraduate study at my university as a student of Information Systems Engineering with scholarship in 2015. I completed my study in 2017 with honor degree. I have been studying masters degree at the Department of Information Systems Engineering and at the same time I am developing my research and academic skills as a research assistant in my department. Also, I am conducting the administrative duty in my department as Student Relations Director.

During my undergraduate study, I conducted several researches on hospital and patient information systems. I completed a project about the detection, online transmission and risk analysis of blood pressure and heart rate of the patients to the related doctors with a high accuracy. I completed my summer training in NEU Robotics Team.

Nowadays, I have conducting several researches such as analysis of metadata, 3D reconstruction of faces using skull images and Deep Learning. Beside these, I am a member of several teams for software development.