Prof. Dr. Yusuf ŞAHİN

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Professor Yusuf ŞAHİN is Head of Mechanical Engineering Department at Near East University. Dr.Şahin completed his B.Sc and M.Sc degree at Department of Manufacturing Technology/Engineering of Gazi University in Ankara, Turkey. He joined to Production Research Group in Gazi University, worked as a research assistant till 1989. He was funded by Higher Eduation Council (YOK) to United Kindom to do some researchers on “Composites Materials”. He awarded his Ph.D Degree in “Development of metal matrix composites, their mechanical and wear properties” at the Department of Mechanical Engineering from University of Aston in Birmingham (UK), 1995.

Prof. Şahin was appointed as an Assistant Professor at Mechanical Education Department of Gazi University in Ankara, promoted to Associate Professor in 1996. He worked as a Lecturer in Gazi University from 1996 to 2002, and promoted to Professor as a Lecturer from 2002 to 2011. He was given a lecturer about “Mechanics”at Turkish Military Academy (1999-2002). He was given a lecture about “Machine Theory”course at Department of Mechanical Engineering in Atilim University (2010-2011), as part-time. He then transferred to the Department of Manufacturing Engineering of Technology Faculty at Gazi University as a Seniour Lecturer (2011).

Prof.Şahin has accumulated a list of scientific achievements during his career. He has published over 50 papers in scientific journals and presented more than 60 lectures at conferences at different universities&institutions. Professor Şahin has authored several books, which are entitled “Metal Cutting Principles, Vol I and II “(Seçkin Distribution); “Introduction of Composite Materials”(Seckin Distributions);” Manufacturing Processes”(Gazi Publication), and ”AutoCAD” (Seckin Distribution). Prof.Şahin has acted as a referee for some International Journals related to Materials Science/Manufacturing&Mechanical Engineering.

Prof. Şahin has been involved in Visiting Professor at the University of Virginia Polytechnic (USA,2013) and Ghent University (Belgium,2015). He has also been served as an adviser for evaluating Ph.D theses from Universities in India.

More recently, Prof. Şahin has been concentrated on “development of basalt fabric and carbon fabric-reinforced epoxy composites and their frictionalbehaviours to find out optimum solution of parametric design”.These studies have been carried out for understanding of the correlations between their structural / process parameters and to improve their mechanical &physical properties for automotive applications.

His research interests included Material&Mechanical sciences; Composite materials and Processing, Mechanical properties, Tribology, Powder metallurgy, Manufacturing processes, Machine Tools/Cutting tools/Machining of hardened materials, Polymer/Polymer composites, and Experimental design and analysis.