Prof. Dr. Feryal KARADENİZ

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Prof. Dr. Feryal Karadeniz was born in Bulancak district of Giresun in 1966. She completed her primary and secondary education in Giresun. She graduated from the Food Science and Technology Department of the Faculty of Agriculture of Ankara University in 1986. She completed her Master studies in 1988 and at the same year she started to work at the same department as a Research Assistant. She completed her PhD studies in 1994, with her work on “Phenolic Composition of Apple Juice and Their Changes During Processing”.

In 1994 she attended to an International Course for Food Processing in The Netherlands for 3 months period, Supported by The Netherlands Government . Between May 1996 and October 1996 she worked in the Netherlands to take part in a European research project at Agriculture Research Institute, supported by the International Agricultural Centre. She became an Associate-professor in 1997. In 1998 she went to Oregon State University -USA for a Post-Doctorate Study with the Research Fellowship, Supported by The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey, TUBITAK (NATO B2) for a period of six months.

She was promoted to full professor in 2003 at Ankara University. Prof. Karadeniz was appointed to the vice-dean of the Faculty of Engineering of Ankara University between 2004-2007. Currently, she is still working at Ankara University and at the same time she is the Chairman of the Department of Food Engineering at the Near East University.