Prof. Dr. Ayşe Günay KİBARER

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Prof. Dr. A.Günay Kibarer received her BSc from Middle East Technical University (METU), Department of Chemistry in 1979. She carried out her studies in the same department on plasma polymerization of acrylic monomers achieved for the first time in Turkey and completed her MSc in 1982. She was awarded with Fulbright Scholarship in 1983 and was invited by the late Prof. William J. Bailey to the University of Maryland. College Park, US to participate in his working group for her PhD studies. She also worked as the teaching assistant of Prof. Dr. Barbara Walters . She returned to METU in 1984 and completed her PhD at METU in 1989. She was the first to prepare a hemoperfusion column in replacement for the dialysis machine consisting of enzyme immobilized and plasma coated biocompatible activated carbon granules involving the mathematical modeling of the diffusion process. She stayed in the same department and conducted studies on charge transfer complex radical terpolymerization with Prof. Zakir Rzayev for postdoctoral work. In 1995, she was appointed as Assist. Prof. in the newly founded major branch of Biotechnology at Hacettepe University, Department of Biology where her vision was completely changed and diverged into studies concerning microorganisms. After receiving her associate pofessorship she was invited by the chair of the Department of Chemisty at the same university in 1997 and continued her studies on microbial and enzymatic degradation of synthetic polymers, enzymatic oxidative polymerization of phenol derivatives. She achieved the enzymatic polymerization of alfa-naphtol with the kinetic modeling for the first time in the world. She was offered her professorship in 2001 again at Hacettepe University, Department of Chemistry. In 2008, she was invited as a visiting professor from the University of Akron, OH, US where she worked in Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering Departments on process of preparing functionalized polymers via enzymatic catalysis and raft polymerization technique for the preparation of nanocomposites, respectively.

In 2010, on returning back to Hacettepe University from where a sabbatical leave was permitted, she conducted work on the preparation of copolymer / raft agent / organosilicate nanostructures and novel polymer organoclay biopolymer nanocomposite blends. Recently, she has been appointed as a full time professor by Near East University (2018) and has started working in the Department of Medical Engineering. Her main research interests are cold plasma and gold nanoparticles for cancer treatment, immobilization of microorganisms to produce enzymes, enzyme immobilization, architectural synthesis of microcarriers via raft polymerization technique, preparation of nanocomposites for antitumor activity and design of nanocomposite adhesives in solid melt working within a wide range of temperature for space applications.