Prof. Dr. Ali Ünal ŞORMAN

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Prof. Dr. Ali Ünal Şorman studied at the Civil Engineering Department in Middle East Technical University (METU) between the years 1961-65. After a year, he graduated with a master’s degree in Civil Engineering. He worked as a research assistant and instructor for a year in the same university. He attended to national and international hydrology seminars with scholarships from CENTRO, UNESCO and NATO. He was awarded the TBTAK international scholarship in 1968 and then he started his Ph.D research in Georgia, USA. He continued to work as a research assistant in Georgia Institute of Technology (Ga. Tech) between the years 1969-72 and returned back to METU in 1972. He worked in METU as a full-time lecturer between the years 1972-81. During this period, he was an advisor to governmental and private institutions. Also, he gave lectures in Eskişehir Government Architecture and Engineering Academy and Ankara Military Academy. He worked part-time at METU while he worked at an institute supported by NATO between the years 1981-84. In the year 1984 he was assigned to King Abdul Aziz University (KAAU) in Jeddah as a lecturer in the department of hydrology and water resources and was appointed as associate professor and later to professorship. He studied in 3 projects taken out by the country’s Science and Technology Research Institute (KACST) and also for 3 other projects supported by the university. He has papers published in scientific journals, national and international symposiums and conferences. In 1995 he started working in METU assigned as a professor and also continued a project supported by NATO-SFS for two years. He has also taken part in TÜBİTAK and DPT supported projects. Currently, he is in charge of the snow product in Turkey in an international project under the name H-SAF (the operational use of meteorology satellites) supported by the European Union Meteorology Organization. He is an advisor for various institutions. Prof. Dr. Ali Ünal Şorman has been appointed as the Chairman of Near East University Civil Engineering Department in the 2013-14 Academic Spring Semester.