Prof. Dr. Ahmet DENKER

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Professor Ahmet Denker graduated from Robert College in1973. In 1977, he received his B.Sc degree from Bogazici University in Electrical-Electronics Engineering. He continued his graduate studies at Sussex University in UK where he was granted upon the MSc. degree in 1978 and Ph. D. degree in 1981. Upon his return to Turkey, in 1982 , he was appointed at Bogazici University, Department of Electrical-Electronics Engineering as an assistant Professor. He became Associate Professor in 1986 and Full Professor in 1992. He continued his academic career in Bogazici University as a professor till 1997. He undertook the position of General Manager at Havelsan between 1996-2003. He also carried out academic duties at Ankara University and at universities in Cyprus. Since 2010 he has been with Istanbul Bilgi University.

His research interests are in a wide and varied area encompassing modelling and simulation, control engineering, robotics, machine vision, augmented reality and Cybersecurity. Professor Denker has published books, journal papers and conference articles in these subjects both in English and Turkish.

He has been to Cambridge University (UK), Open Universiy (UK), Keio University (Japan), Eastern Mediterranean University (Cyprus) as a visiting professor and ECRI(USA), as a visiting researcher.

Professor Denker is a founding member of Turkish Automatic Control Council, and a member of the executive board. He is an international member of International Society of Electrical, Electronics Engineers (USA) and International Society of Electrical Engineers (UK).

On leave from Istanbul Bilgi University, Professor Denker lectures in the Faculty of Engineering and executes as the Chairman of the Department of Mechatronics Engineering.