Prof. Dr. Adil AMİRJANOV

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He was born in Tomsk city, Russia on 02nd of October, 1949. He has completed the primary school and secondary school No 47 in Baku in 1966. In 1966 he joined the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, Automation Engineering Faculty, Telecommunication Department. He received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees (Diplom Ingenieur) in specialization of Electrical and Electronic engineering in 1971. He received his Ph.D degree in 1980, in Department of Information-Measuring Technique, in specialization of Technical Devices for Computer and Control Systems at Ufa State Aviation Technical University (Russia).

1980-1988, he was employed as a head of department in Scientific-Research Institute “Rabita Systemleri” (Telecommunication Systems) Baku, Azerbaijan. 1988-1996, he worked as a Director of Scientific-Research Institute “Rabita Systemleri”, Baku, Azerbaijan. 1983-1996, he was employed as a part-time lecturer in Telecommunication Department, Automation Engineering Faculty at the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy. 1996-1998, he is an assistant professor of Khazar University, Baku, Azerbaijan. 1999-2004, he started to work as a full-time lecturer in Computer Engineering Department, Architecture and Engineering Faculty at European University of Lefke. 2005-until now, he is employed as a full-time lecturer in Computer Engineering Department, Engineering Faculty at Near East University. He has been awarded the associate professorship in 2006. In 2010 he has been awarded the professorship.

His research interests are focused on the modeling and simulation of technological processes, modeling of dense packing of particulate materials, and on developing and implementation of evolutionary methods for numerical optimization problems. He published 16 articles in SCI (Science Citation Index) Expanded; 11 articles among them were published in SCI (core). He is a single author in 8 articles published in SCI (core). Additionally, he published chapter in the book of internationally recognized publisher John Wiley & Sons, and 6 papers were published in international conferences.