Lecturer İhsan EROL ÖZÇİL

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I am İhsan Erol Özçil, I was born in Girne in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. I studied in Girne Maarif Anaokulu in 1996 and in 1997 I studied in 23 Nisan İlkokulu in Girne. I graduated from Anafartalar Lisesi in 2009. I started my higher education in Food Engineering Department in Near East University and completed my education in 2014. While I was attending university I did my internship for a month in “Atatürk Orman Çiftliği” Ankara, “Koop Süt”, “Evsu” and “Mis Yoğurt” in TRNC. In 2014, I started my higher license in Food Engineering and graduated in 2016.

During this period I worked in Food Engineering department and Chemistry Laboratory as a researcher. I worked in some hotels and restaurants as an advisor. I send my high license thesis as articles to international scientific magazines and get broadcast right. I am still an author and write articles related to my profession in Gurme magazine and in Kibris Newspaper. In 2015 I Was Elected To the Union of Chambers of Food Engineering Board of Directors. In 2015 I attended to the congress named 9th Food Engineering in İzmir. In 2016 I deserved the title “Maitre Restaurateur” in winery and gastronomy as a member of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs. In 2016 I was a member of “Mutfak Dostları Derneği”. Now, I am doing my PhD and working as a teaching staff in Food Engineering Department in Near East University.