Lecturer Halil FİKRETLER

Also available in: Türkçe, العربية

I was born on 17th October, in 1984 in Kumsal, Nicosia. I completed my elementary education at 23 Nisan Primary school and secondary and high school education at Anafartalar High School in Kyrenia. After obtaining my BSc. degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering in 2006 from the Near East University, I completed my one year military service. Then, I carried out my postgraduate education at the Institute of Educational Sciences and obtained my MA degree in 2009. I have been teaching and serving as a lecturer at the Electrical & Electronic Engineering Department since 2008. I got married with my dear wife Bahar Haksoy Fikretler in 2011 and our son Rüzgar was born in 2013. My main research interests are in Energy Sources, Alternative Energy Resources and Image Processing. In this context, I gave counseling for several real life projects such as Robotic Hand with Arduino, Electric Motorcycle, Electric 3-Wheel Vehicle, Intelligent Irrigation and Illumination System, GSM Controlled Video Diaphone System, Obstructed Robot with Arduino, Intelligent Home Systems with Solar Energy, Light-following Robot with LDR, Intelligent Bale Counting System. I have published 4 articles in international conferences and national journals. I supervised more than 15 associate degree graduation projects and I have been supervising 3 graduation projects. I am a member of the Chamber of Electrical Engineers since 2007.