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She was born in 1952 in Dagyolu, Cyprus. Her Father is Ercument Tahir, a merchant, and her mother is Havva Tahir, a homemaker. Feray started elementary school education in Dagyolu, continued in Kyrenia, at “23rd April Elementary school”, then, due to her father’s starting of his business in Nicosia, she transferred to schools in Agirdag and Gonyeli. After her family moved and settled in Nicosia, she attended Koskluciftlik Elementary School. In 1963, with the advent of the Cyprus conflict, her father sent the family to Ankara. Feray graduated Kavaklidere Elementary School in Ankara. During 1964-70, she attended middle and high schools at Nicosia Girl’s Lyceum, graduating from the Science Division. She moved to London, UK, and attended High Barnet College and acquired private secretarial training from 1970-71. On her return to Cyprus she met and married the Barrister-at-Law, late Hasan Murat. Feray Murat has wide interests, loves continuing education, and she thrives to improve herself. To this end, in the year 2000 she enrolled in the English Division of the Science Literature Faculty at Near East University and graduated in 2004. Her teaching career as an English teacher started in 2004, at the Faculty of Engineering. During 2004-2007, she completed a Master’s Degree in English Language Teaching. During July and August of 2005 she attended daily English courses in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and then until 2010 she also benefited from courses and seminars organized by Peter Lucantoni at the University of Cambridge, UK.

Feray Murat lost her husband to a rare blood disorder in 2001; she has two daughters and is currently teaching English at the Engineering Department of Near East University.