Lecturer Engin ESENEL

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He was born in Nicosia, Cyprus on February 26th, 1960. After he graduated from Nicosia Turkish Lycee Science Mathematics division in 1978, he continued his education in Hendon College of Further Education in London where he obtained a Diploma in Engineering in 1981, He continued further with his education to study Engineering at Manchester University, Engineering Faculty, Mechanical Engineering Department where he received his B.Sc.(Honours), and M.Sc. degrees in 1984 and 1987 respectively.

During his M.Sc. research he carried out a theoretical study on the adaptation of Yamaha motorcycle silencer design to the large factory chimneys. He continued with his studies leading towards Ph.D however due to arrival of his first son and the complications surrounding of his birth he terminated his studies.

He joined the industry as an Engineer in 1988 and worked at various positions as a Senior Design Engineer until 2004. He became a Senior Mechanical Design Engineer in 1997 and was elected as Member of Institution of Mechanical Engineers (M.I.Mech.E). He has achieved his Chartered Mechanical Engineering (C.Eng.) status in the same year. now a registered member of Engineering Council in United Kingdom (U.K). He has gained his experience in Railway, Articulated Trailers, Back-Hoe Excavators and Packaging Industries His main area of experience are mechanical design and control of design projects and engineering teams in vehicular industry.

During his industrial experience , he attended various seminars and training courses, Advanced AutoCad training course 1989, Solids Modelling 1991, Noise and Vibration in Industry 1997, Microsoft Project Introduction Training course 1997, Explicit and Parametric Modelling 1998, FEA analysis with Pro/Mechanica 2000, Industrial Equipment Safety and CE marking 2003, and Materials weldability- Stainless Steels 2005.

He returned back to Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in 2006 and he started to work as a part-time lecturer in Near East University, Engineering Faculty, Mechanical Engineering Department in the same year. He became a full time member of teaching staff in 2007.
He is married with 3 children and currently he is a lecturer at Near East University in Mechanical Engineering Department.