Dr. Vasfiye Hazal OZYURT

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Dr. Vasfiye Hazal ÖZYURT graduated as honor degree from Food Engineering Department in Ege University in 2011, and then completed her MSc thesis on Food Chemistry division in the same department in 2013. During her master degree, she studied on the reactions of food constituents taking place in processing and storage, and their effects on the quality and safety of products and the health of consumers and experienced usage of HPLC, GC and GC-MS. Moreover, she started to her PhD thesis entitled “Application of advanced chromatographic techniques to a study protein oxidation and nitration in for the determinatıon of 3-NT in some protein food model systems and reduction of these markers with various phenolic compounds” and completed in 2018.

Two years ago, she did an internship for about four months at a Extramadura University in Caceres, Spain with Erasmus placement programme. During that placement, she carried out a study about in-vitro the effectiveness of three major tea polyphenols, (-)-epicatechin (EC), (-)-epigallocatechin (EGC), and (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), against the carbonylation of human plasma proteins (human serum albumin and hemoglobin) under simulated pathological concentrations of glucose. Then, she had been in Germany as a researcher for six months and worked about the effect of protein on the formation of flavor compounds.

She worked as a scholarship for 2 years at Tübitak 1001 project entitled ” Effects of Lipid Formulations in Fermented and Heat-Treated Beef and Turkey Sucuk on Protein Oxidation Mechanisms and Related Quality Parameters ” coded 214O181. She is currently working as a researcher in the Tübitak 1001 project named ” The Obtaining, Characterization and Determination of Functional Properties of Highly Value-Added Bioactive Food Ingredients From Tomato Seed as a Food Waste “, 117O319. In addition to Tübitak 1001 projects, there are 3 projects that have been completed and supported by Ege University Research Fund Accountants (12-MÜH-025, 16-MÜH-023, 16-MÜH-025) projects. She is currently working as a researcher on the 19001 code project supported by the Hitit University Research Fund Accountancy.

There are three internationally published (SCI) publications, two publications in internationally acclaimed magazines, 11 book section published by international publishing houses, a book section published by one national publishing house, one Turkish book, one published in national magazines There are eight publications and five publications in national non-fiction magazines. The number of notifications that are presented at international scientific meetings and published in the proceedings are 12, and the number of notifications published at the national scientific meetings and published in the proceedings is 15.

Since September 2018, she has been working as a PhD student at Near East University Department of Food Engineering.