Dr. Ersen ALP

Also available in: Türkçe

He holds BSc from Istanbul Technical University in 1980, MSc from University of Southern California in 1983 and PhD from Middle East Technical University in 2012, all in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Departments. Worked as Research and Development Engineer on Drilling and Production Technologies, Petroleum Leakage Test Engineer, Drilling Rig Engineer, QA/QC and HSE Manager, Construction Manager, Start-Up Manager, and Project Manager in Constructions of Oil and Natural Gas Fields Surface Facilities such as Oil and Natural Gas Pipe Lines, Block Valve Stations, Pig Trap Stations, Metering Stations, Pressure Regulating Stations, Oil Pumping Stations, Tank Farms, Under Ground Gas Station Surface Facilities and Compressor Stations, etc in different countries such as Turkey, United States of America, Kazakhstan, Russia, Qatar, Oman, India, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, etc. Worked as Feasibility Manager on How To Produce Oil From Bituminous Shales by experimental applications. He has scientific articles submitted to International Oil and Gas Congresses. His articles have been published in SPE, Energy Sources and Congress Catalogs. His technical reports on Electron Microscopy, X-Ray Laboratory, Corrosion, Developing Underground Pressure Profiles, etc, have internally been published in institutions such as Turkish Petroleum Research and Development Center, and gave seminars on various technical issues of oil and gas fields. Knows English, Russian, and Turkic Languages from Mid Asia. Burn in Turkey in 1953. Married and has one son.