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He wasborn in Samsun Turkey on March 21, 1965. He completed his highschooleducation in Namık Kemal Lisesi, Samsun. He graduatedfromFaculty of Scienceand Art, Department of Mathematics in METU in 1991. Between 1991 and 2002 workedforvariousprivateschools in Ankara and İstanbul as Mathematicsteacher. In 2002 he founded Özel Cem Türker Dersanesi. Untill 2015 he worked as Owner/Manager tookactive role in management of theprivateeducationalinstitutionandalsogavemathematicsandgeometrylectures.

With a track record of 20 years in theeducation , heleadstudentstotoimprovetheirknowledgeandabilities in fields of Mathematicsandgeometryto achieveoutstandingresults in highschool and universityentranceexams like SBS, YGS, LYS, SAT and AP(Advanced Placement)

He startedliving in Cypruswith his wife since theend of 2015. Trackingand ski sportsarewithin his favoriteinterestareas.
Starting in 2016 he startedworkingpart time instructor in NEU.