Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fa’eq RADWAN

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He was born in 1956 in Kafr-kadom. He finished his high school in 1975 from Al- Salahiya high at Nablus. In 1976 he started studying at the University of Jordan, and in 1980 he graduated with B.SC degree in Physics / Mathematics. In the academic year 1980/1981 He teached in the Al-Arab College (Amman-Jordan). In 1981 He started studying at Middle East Technical University in Ankara/Turkey, and in 1983 He graduated with M.Sc degree in Physics. In the academic year 1983/1984 He teached in the Al-Quds College (Amman-Jordan). Between 1984-1987 He worked as a teacher in the Ministry of Education of Saudi Arabia. In 1987 he started studying at Middle East Technical University at Ankara/Turkey and in 1991 He graduated with Ph.D degree in Engineering Sciences. Between 1989-1991He worked as a research assistant in the Department of Engineering Sciences at Middle East Technical University. Between 1991-1993 He teached in the Higher College for Certification of Teachers at Amman/Jordan. In 1993, He began working as an assistant professor in the Faculty of Engineering at Near East University (Nicosia-Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus). In November 2003, He became an associate professor.


  • A Corporate Member of the Institute of Physics, London, UK.
  • A Member of the British Crystallographic Association, London, UK.
  • A Member of the International Association of Engineers, (IAENG).
  • Honorary member of editorial board of Pelagia Research Library.