Assist. Prof. Dr. Tayseer ALSHANABLEH

Also available in: Türkçe, العربية

Tayseer Al-Shanableh was born in Palestine in1963. He completed his primary, preparatory and secondary education in Jordan. He has a multi-disciplinary background combining Civil Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, and International Relations. He received the B.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering from the Middle East Technical University- Ankara, M.A. Degree in International Relations, M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from the Near East University, North Cyprus. Besides Engineering, Dr. Al-Shanableh has several publications in Engineering, Informatics and International Relations, attended many conferences and seminars, and has been invited by different TV stations in Turkey, Cyprus and other International TV stations discussing issues related mainly to the Middle East, Cyprus, NATO and higher education. Dr. Al-Shanableh is also an affiliated member at Zirve University-Middle East Strategic Research Centre and has the NEU Research Award in 2011.

Besides his academic qualifications, and after 20 years of university experience, where he had the opportunity to undertake different administrative duties including academic, administrative, and student affairs; Dean’s Academic Assistant-Faculty of Engineering (1994-2004), Vice Dean-Faculty of Engineering (2004-2007), Registrar for Overseas Students (1998-2008)

Dr. Al-Shanableh has organised several international conferences, and mini-conferences ranging from Islamic Civilisation, Higher Education, Medical Informatics and Telemedicine to International Relations and Conflict Resolution, and also has been part of intercultural dialogue with scholars from different countries. For the last 20 years he worked in multicultural and multi-ethnic environment. This equipped him with the skill and ability of dealing with people from different origins and cultural backgrounds. Particularly, he has dealt with issues and problems of students coming from 57 different countries, and staff members from 25 different countries.

Dr. Al-Shanableh has the ability and skills to lead and motivate a team as well as to work as a member of a team, and also has the ability and skills to negotiate and to develop networks on the national and international levels, alike.

Dr. Al-Shanableh is a founding member of the Consortium of North Cyprus Universities that consists of 6 universities active in North Cyprus, and an authorized representative of Near East University in the Consortium. Dr. Al-Shanableh has the chance of presenting the University and the Consortium in many official meetings in North Cyprus and in many countries abroad. Also, Dr. Al-Shanableh took place in preparing MoU’s and protocols between the NEU and different international universities and institutions.

Dr. Al-Shanableh knows three languages at an excellent level (reading, writing and speaking); Arabic (mother tongue), English and Turkish. Also, he knows a little Italian.

Dr. Al-Shanableh is married and has 4 children.