Assist. Prof. Dr. Kaan UYAR

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Kaan Uyar received his BSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the Anadolu University in 1992, MSc in Computer Engineering from the European University of Lefke in 1999 and PhD in Computer Engineering from the Near East University in 2006. He has also obtained a BA degree from the Anadolu University on Public Administration, MA degree from the Near East University on International Relations and a Pedagogy Certificate from the TRNC Ministry of Education Ataturk Teacher Training Academy.

He has served as an engineer of Computer Center (1993-1995), lecturer of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (1995-2000), lecturer (2000-2006), Dr (2006-2007), Assistant Professor (2008-2011) and vice-chair (2007-2010) of the Computer Engineering, coordinator of the Food Engineering (2009-2010), deputy chair (2011-2013) and chair (2011-2013) of the Information Systems Engineering, deputy chair of the Software Engineering (2012-2013) at Near East University. Uyar currently serving as Assistant Professor of the Department of Computer Engineering at this university (since 2013).

His main research interests are in the areas of artificial intelligence, systems and control, engineering education and e-government. He has authored or co-authored 3 books and one book chapter, 4 journal articles and 18 conference publications.

Uyar is a member of the NEU Applied Artificial Intelligence Research Centre and Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Electrical Engineers. He is married with two children.